Our fees

At KWFS, we make a simple fee promise to all of our clients. Where you ask us to carry out any work on your behalf, we will always agree a fee with you before we begin our work. This way, you will never incur any unexpected advice fees and the cost of our help is always clear.

Following the advice process, and where we advise an action of investment (e.g. through regular premiums, a transfer in, or a lump sum contribution), our initial advice charge can often be taken from the payments given to the product provider. This can, in some circumstances, result in a more economical scenario for you and assist you in budgeting for the cost of any advice fees. Alternatively, you may pay us directly by cheque or bank transfer if you prefer.

It is very important to regularly review your financial arrangements to ensure they remain suitable to your objectives and requirements. Whilst not compulsory, our ongoing support is highly recommended.

With this in mind, we have developed a simple, three tier charging structure for our ongoing advice and support. In this way, each client we work with is able to choose the tier that best meets their specific requirements. Similarly to the initial advice charge, ongoing servicing fees can either be facilitated by investments held with product providers or paid directly.

Our ongoing fees are collected as a monthly subscription to our services and, unlike many advisers, do not include any tie-ins or other financial commitment.

The Essentials Plan

This is our budget plan, covering a basic level of service that ensures your active plans and policies are looked after on an ongoing basis by our finance professionals.

It includes:

  • One financial consultation per annum (remote or at our offices)
  • Ongoing telephone and email support
  • Subscription to our quarterly financial services email newsletter

£25 per month

The Premium Plan 

Our Premium Plan is our main ongoing service offering, and the one most suitable for the majority of our clients.

It includes:

  • One annual financial consultation and review covering your overall financial planning arrangements at a location of your choice
  • A summary update with our new recommendations for your changing circumstances
  • Ongoing telephone and email support
  • Subscription to our quarterly financial services email newsletter

£50 per month

The Platinum Plan

The Platinum Plan has been created for our clients with more complex financial arrangements, and for those who need or prefer more regular contact with their adviser.

It includes:

  • Everything on the Premium Plan
  • An interim review meeting 6 months into the review year

£75 per month

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