Wealth planning

What we can help you with

Making your wealth grow and being able to retire when and how you want is one of most people’s important financial objectives, but achieving this goal takes planning and perseverance. We can help you to achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle, with holistic financial planning advice and effective retirement planning.

Putting your financial affairs in order is a bit like completing a jigsaw where the main pieces are savings, investment, protection and taxation. If you get it right, the picture can be very attractive. But get it wrong and the picture can look very muddled. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with a picture on the lid, but we can help you put the pieces in the right places.

The key things to consider are:

  • Tax efficiency
  • National savings
  • Investment bonds
  • Bank and building society accounts
  • Stocks and shares
  • Bricks and mortar
  • ISAs
  • Other tax-break investments like EIS and VCTs
  • The enterprise investment scheme

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